Friday, November 11, 2016

Get Tech Savvy With Your Wedding!

With social media taking over every aspect of our day it is no surprise that it has made its way into one of the biggest days of your lives. Many tech savvy brides have added the fun and social trends to their wedding days that are both helpful and fun for their guests. 

Starting with the proposal many brides post the exciting news to Facebook as soon as they can. According to Mashable and The Knot's survey, "Within hours of saying "yes," 28% of brides-to-be updated their social media statuses, while 24% do so the next day."

(See more of the awesome article linked below) Many bride's feel that seeing their friend's and family's reaction to their news is half the excitement. 

From the proposal day forward (and way before then) most bride's turn to Pinterest to get some inspiration for their big day. Not only is Pinterest entertaining for everyone it is also a very helpful tool to show your planner, florist, photographer and anyone else the look you are going for. Pinterest is also a great way to involve your bridesmaids into the planning process, create a secret board and invite all your girls to get their help. 

Wedding websites have become a huge aspect of weddings lately .The website is a great place for guests to find out more information regarding the wedding party, where the couple is registered, which hotels are blocked out for guests along with more helpful information. Some couple's even add a place where their guests can RSVP to the event.  

Geotags are an exciting new trend that we are seeing in weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers and any thing going along with wedding celebrations. For those who aren't familiar with geotags, they are a fun way to personalize your snapchat photos with a filter of the couples choosing. Couples usually include their name, wedding colors or clipart pertaining to the theme of their wedding in their filter.  These filters can be used in a radius of your ceremony/ reception for a short amount of time that can be added to the pictures that your guests take. Click HERE to create yours!
Instagram hashtags are another fun way to get all guests' pictures is one place. Many couples make their hashtags known using decor at their reception so that guests can add the hashtag to the pictures that they take.  Their are even a few sites that are dedicated to helping you generate your wedding hashtag, how fun! Get creative with it and check out the sites below to help you out. 

Another tech trend we are seeing is go fund me. A few couples use this platform to pay for their honeymoon in loo of wedding gifts.  Some couples say "why not" they are asking for something that will out last the dishes other couples ask for on their registries. Some couples believe it is totally acceptable while others find it a bit tacky to ask your guest's for money. Whatever you decide is between your fiancé and you.
Get tech savvy with your wedding day and check out these great sites if you want to add some social media into your big day!


Mashable and The Knot's Article: HERE

Crowdfunding Sites now Fund Honeymoons: HERE

Wedding Hashtag Generator: HERE

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