Tuesday, August 16, 2016

4 Summer Trends We Love

This summer has been filled with wonderful weddings and even more lovely couples. We have seen some great new trends this season that have been pulled off immaculately. 
Here are 5 trends that we have seen and love!

1. Long Tables
Many brides have opted out of traditional round tables and gone with long rectangular tables giving off more of a relaxed family feel. There are many different ways that this trend can be pulled off. We have seen just the head table, with the bride, groom and bridal party seated at a long table while the rest of the guests are seated at multiple round tables. We have also seen a mix of round and long rectangular tables making up the seating for the reception. If you want to go all the way with this trend go for multiple long tables to seat all of your guests. 

2. Outdoor Lawn Games
Outdoor lawn games, such as Cornhole and giant Jenga, have been a big hit at weddings this summer. It's great entertainment for guests during cocktail hour and gives off a relaxed backyard party vibe. Many couples also personalize their Cornhole boards, how fun!

Photo By:Ariel Renae 

3. Late Night Snacks
After drinking and dancing the night away your guests work up an appetite, and who doesn't love a late night snack? We have seen mini burgers and fries, pizza, and even food trucks pull up outside the reception. Get creative with it, show off what you and your significant other love to eat as your guilty pleasures. 

Photo By: CJK Visual

4. Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses
Lastly for this summer's trends, we have seen many brides letting their bridesmaids decide what dress they would like to wear. Some brides pick a color and have their maids find a dress that matches, while others give their girls full range allowing them to pick any dress that makes them feel beautiful. This trend gives off a bohemian and carefree flair while letting your bridesmaids show a bit of their own style.

What we really love about this summer's trends are that brides are making their wedding their own and thinking outside of the box when it comes to style. We love these fun trends and can't wait to see what next seasons weddings hold. 

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